The Ex Husbands Club was started as an on-line support group of sorts, by two friends, both divorced, and both realizing that men too need an outlet to talk about their experience with divorce. Whether it is pain and sorrow they’re experiencing or a feeling of relief or like they are getting a fresh new start. Everyone experiences different emotions throughout and after the journey of divorce and everyone needs to vent about it but sooner or later it’s likely your friends and family will get tired of hearing about and talking about it but The Ex Husbands Club never will because there are millions of other men out there going through the same thing you are or did so there’s always someone out there who can relate to what you’re thinking or feeling when it comes to the process of divorce or the process of “moving on” afterwards.
The Ex Husbands Club website was not started for profit and it is free to be a member. It is supported by the two individuals who started it and they encourage you to post your blog for other members to reply to and comment on. Whether it be looking for advice about your settlement or simply because you’re feeling in the dumps and need someone to talk to, there will always be a fellow member who can tell you that it IS going to get better because it did for them! There’s also the UP side to it, when you do start feeling better about things, when you do start feeling like “getting out there” again, starting a new life for yourself, maybe meeting a new woman. Well why not suggest to each other through personal experience what the best dating sites are to join, where the best places in your areas are to meet single and other divorced women or simply use The Ex Husbands Club to get rid of those two ball game tickets you have but can’t make it to the game!
The Ex Husbands Club will of course responsibly monitor the blogs for excessive profanity or unsuitable subject matter but we’re not censors, we want you to not be afraid to talk about ANYTHING and as you grow through your experience of divorce The Ex Husbands Club will grow as well and will also discover how it may be able to better support this community.
 Disclaimer: We at The Ex Husbands Club want to make sure that you understand we do not give professional legal advice about divorce and that you should contact your Marital Attorney for such.  All of the comments and blogs expressed on this on-line club site are only opinions of the members and The Ex Husbands Club in no way represents that these opinions are legally, medically, ethically, politically, religiously or otherwise the opinions of The Ex Husbands Club.
Thank You for becoming a member and Good Luck! It DOES get better!